White Non-Spicy Kimchi Recipe

White Baek Kimchi
If you are not a big fan of fishsauce or spicy stuff there is an alternative non-spicy Kimchi style. It's called Baek Kimchi (White Kimchi). This Kimchi is not spicy and has a clean cool taste. It has its own unique taste that you gotta try. Even if you like spicy red Kimchi, this white kimchi can be another style of side for you.

The way it's made is basically the same with Regular Pogi Kimchi (Whole Napa Kimchi) except for the Red hot pepper flake and fish sauce. Please click the link above to see the recipe.
Just keep in mind that you will NOT use hot pepper flakes and fish sauce. Instead, you will need to include thinly sliced fresh (not dried) red pepper and carrots.

fresh red pepper
Prepare fresh red peppers like so and thinly slice. Carrots too.
You could also mix in an Asian Pear if you like.

kimchi mix
The stuffing for white kimchi should look like this. Mix them well together.

stuff baechu
Stuff Napa cabbage just like so. More detailed instructions are found in Pogi Kimchi Recipe. Everything else is the same with Pogi Kimchi recipe.
You can enjoy the Kimchi without the spicyness now.

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