Spicy Chicken Bulgogi-Dak Bulgogi- Recipe

Chicken bulgogi with rice noodle
Here's the recipe for spicy chicken bulgogi. You can eat it with rice or some rice noodles. Wanna kick it up even more? Try adding Sriracha Hot sauce~! Hot! Great way to eat some veggies and chicken. Good for healthy eating since not much fat and spicy food 'supposedly' help lose weight. Good to eat but also good for you! Yay!

Following recipe serves about 4 people:


Chicken marinade
2lbs Chicken breast
1/2 cup red pepper paste
1tbsp red pepper flake
1tbsp honey/sugar
1tbsp garlic
1tbsp wine
1tbsp soy sauce
1tbsp sesame oil

Vegetable side
3 scallions
1/4 cabbage
1 carrot
1 green pepper
1/2 green bell pepper
1 onion

Slice Chicken
Slice chicken to good bite size.

Marinade Chicken
Mix marinade ingredients with chicken.

Vegetable sides
Vegetable sides
Slice all vegetables thinly.

Cook chicken bulgogi
First, cook chicken only. Don't cook in the highest temperature. Maybe about 8 for the temp knob.

Vegetable sides
When the meat is almost cooked, add veggies in and cook thoroughly.

Chicken bulgogi with rice
Serve with rice. You can just mix them all together and eat. Yummm
OR with rice noodles. If you need some extra flavor for your noodle, you might consider adding sesame oil and some hot sriracha sauce to noodles. OR you could make extra marinade on the side for the noodles!

Vegetable sides
TIP If it was too spicy for you, just drink a cup of ice cold milk.


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7 comments on “Spicy Chicken Bulgogi-Dak Bulgogi- Recipe

  1. Great recipe…..just finished dinner…..fantastic….tasty…thankyou

  2. Was stationed in korea and fell in love with the food love anything spicy and this is amazing thanks for the recipe

  3. My brother in law and his family just got to Korea for a 2 year assignment with the Air Force and he’s already sending me emails about the bulgogi! I would love to make some for my family here so that my girls can “share” in their uncle’s experience. Not having used red pepper paste before, how much should I use if I want to tone it down enough for a 5 and 3 year old? They aren’t scared of spicy foods, but think more Mexican spicy than Asian spicy. Thanks! And this looks yummy!!!

    • @Erin
      Why don’t you make the sauce with little less pepper paste first and taste it…
      Try cutting down on red pepper flakes and maybe add more sugar that always helps
      It’s basically like dressing and can be tasted as it is as long as chicken is not marinaded…lol
      so just dip and taste hahah

      That’s the only way you could adjust to your kid’s liking.

      see if your kids like the sauce and if they do, go ahead and marinade it

      that’s usually the way I would do it too :)
      Hope this helps

  4. Edward on said:

    I’m definitely going to try this soon. I was stationed in Korea from 09-10 and I ate bulgogi almost every weekend. I love it extra spicy, but I know I’ll have to tone it down a little for the kiddos

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