Korean Seafood Pancake-Haemul Pajeon Recipe

Whew...these days Maryland has been soaked with rain...rain...and more rain...and has been little depressing. Although we had short 'vacation' from rain for couple of days with beautiful days, it seems like we will be getting lots more later on. On these days many Koreans look for nice and hot soup or something fried, like Haemul Pajeon , Seafood Korean style Pancake.

Haemul Pajeon or Seafood Korean pancake
Korean Pancake is not usually made for Breakfast like Pancake you may know. It's usually an appetizer, sidedish, or snack. But you decide what it could be. And you decide what size you want it to be. If you order this in the restaurant, it's usually the size of a whole pizza. I guess you could also say this is Korean pizza. This time we made it smaller just because.

So shall we start?

Ingredients: Makes about 15 palm(your hand) sized pancakes

15 Shrimp
1 Squid
150g crab meat
10 scallions/green onion
1 cup Korean pancake mix
3 cups Korean frying mix
4 cups water

Haemul Pajeon or Seafood Korean pancake Ingredients
Ok, so clean whole squid and save the body part and the tentacles, clean shrimp (peel off and take out the vein from the top by cutting slightly and pull out the vein), shred crab meat, and cut scallions to 3-4 inches long. Pajeon means Scallion Pancake so Scallions are supposed to be a significant part of this recipe so don't be afraid to cut them big and long!

Haemul Pajeon or Seafood Korean pancake mix
Mix them together and no need to add salt. It's all premixed in to the pancake and frying mix.

Fry Haemul Pajeon or Seafood Korean pancake
Pour enough oil to fry this pancake. Scoop and spread out as thin as possible and make it into about a palm (your hand) size. Fry at about 7-8 stove temperature knob (DON'T use the Highest Temperature).

Flip Haemul Pajeon or Seafood Korean pancake
Don't forget to flip to cook both sides! And you are DONE!

Haemul Pajeon or Seafood Korean pancake

*NOTE: If you want Pajeon to be more crispy, add more frying mix than pancake mix and if you want it the other way, then use the opposite proportion.

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  1. This looks amazing! I love seafood pancakes!

  2. Glad you like it! Have you tried cooking it before?

  3. Nope…but I definitely want to try. I’ve been on Korean food kick lately! :) Thanks for the delicious recipes!

  4. Nice~ Well if you ever get to try, just make sure you let us know how it went! OR even take a picture and show it off to us!!

    *whisper* Personally… cleaning squid is the hardest part for me (and not so pleasing part…with eyes glaring at you…)LOL…so if you are like me you can always substitute with frozen seafood mix you can buy at the Korean markets..eh hem…

  5. Hello Robin,
    Glad you liked it!
    As for your question…Since you just used pancake mix only it would have been more chewy than crispy to start with and it could get soggy due to the moisture from veggies and/or seafood. However you could try following suggestions to lessen its sogginess.
    Our suggestions are…
    1. If you mix the frying mix, it should make it crispier. If you don’t know anything about the frying mix, I linked the picture of frying mix to the ingredient list…so you could see what it’s like (the link is on the ingredient list…just click green “frying mix”) It’s usually used for frying shrimp or veggies like tempura. You should find it in the same isle as the pancake mix.
    2. Also you might want to heat up your pan before pouring your batter so oil doesn’t get soaked up to the batter and thus making it greasy instead of crispy.
    3. We didn’t try this before but some other Koreans suggest using ice cold water for the mix.
    4. Fried foods eventually get soggy so should eat it before it gets too cold. If it does get cold, just heat it up in the microwave with a paper towel on the bottom to absorb extra moisture. It should help.

    Please let me know if these suggestions helped ^^

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