Costco Kirkland’s Green Tea

I just love this Green Tea. It's real Japanese tea in a bag.
My must-have..not only because of its numerous endless health benefits but I love the smooth taste of this green tea. Oh and the pretty green color. Love the price too!
It's good cold AND hot! Mmmmmmmmmmm~

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One comment on “Costco Kirkland’s Green Tea

  1. Marsha Bass on said:

    I woulld like to buy this Kirkland’s green tea in my area, but the closest Cosco is in North Houston–too far to drive. I have bought it in Tucson, AZ when visiting, and I enjoy it very much. Cosco has a reasonable price of ab out $12/100 bags, where charges $24/ 100 bags. That is too big a difference for people that are retired on a fixed income. Can you help? Is it possible to order it sent to the house without paying a fortune for shipping? Thank you for your help.

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